Sunday, August 22, 2010

Map of the Heart

If you want me
you can find me in
the painted canyons carved
by hollow whispers.

When you travel the verdant faults
tuck your secrets
in the cracks draining ojos,
bury them in muddy depositions
unearthed in the baptism
of Spring and love.

You will find little cover here
from the burning light that
opened my pores
to your fertile waters,
but winter came early
froze what was left
into wider crevasses

to see




Time built these labyrinths
around me.
There are no trail signs
or rock cairns to mark the way,
the easy degrades faster
than I can recover.

I am deep rock
for those who seek
the dripping spring,
the hidden garden
of my Babylon.
Seek to walk the path for me,
with me.

No, it won't be easy
to find me now,
after awhile these canyons
look the same -
shades of pink
of love worn.

Yasmeen Najmi


  1. i was re-reading your poems ... made the sun shine in this foggy swedish weather

  2. Thanks, Sush. In this place of relentless sun, you illuminated the shadows in my heart.